The following selected articles are from The Hill, CQ Roll Call and Fox News.


Full portfolio from The Hill

Democrats planning protests for Trump’s first State of the Union – Jan. 11, 2018

Call for Trump impeachment puts pressure on top Dems – Sept. 27, 2017

Black lawmakers say Confederate statues should come out of Capitol – Aug. 16, 2017

Security fears grow on both sides of the aisle – June 15, 2017

Republicans fearing for their safety as anger, threats mount – May 21, 2017

GOP lawmaker with key role in ObamaCare repeal faces angry town hall – May 10, 2017

Rep. Steve King claims GOP colleagues ‘patting me on the back’ after controversy – March 16, 2017

Ryan becomes face of GOP health plan – March 11, 2017

Right seeks to kill the lame-duck session – Sept. 4, 2016

House votes to restrict Confederate flag in national cemeteries – May 19, 2016

House slated for contentious vote on the Confederate flag – May 19, 2016


This selection of clips is behind a paywall. Available upon request.

Lawmakers, Business Already Girding for Export-Import Bank Authorization – March 13, 2014

Debt Limit Extension Cleared for President’s Signature After Dramatic Vote – Feb. 12, 2014

Federal Employee Pension Contributions Eyed For Increase to Offset Sequester – Nov. 14, 2013

President Signs Bill to End Shutdown, Raise Debt Limit – Oct. 17, 2013

House Requests Conference on CR as Shutdown Begins – Oct. 1, 2013
– This story led CQ.com at the start of the 2013 government shutdown.


The following are a selection of the 40 articles I wrote over the course of my internship:

House GOP poised to hold vote on repeal of ObamaCare after Supreme Court ruling – July 11, 2012
– This story about the symbolic repeal vote of the Affordable Care Act led the Fox News website.

House approves ‘audit the Fed’ bill, marking capstone on Rep. Paul’s career – July 25, 2012

House Oversight committee schedules contempt vote for Holder – June 11, 2012

THE HILL (2011 internship)

The following are a selection of the 61 articles I wrote during my internship:

Bachmann touts wide appeal, but has only backed three Dem bills this year – Aug. 16, 2011
– This was the lead story on The Hill’s website.

Six months in, handful of freshmen haven’t offered a bill – July 12, 2011

FEC rules in favor of Stephen Colbert – June 30, 2011

Giffords votes yes on debt deal as lawmakers wipe away tears – Aug. 1, 2011
– This story was on the front page of the Aug. 2, 2011 print edition.


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